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Today’s Environment 360 iCoach™ is a secure, Internet based, collaborative website environment, with seamless features and functions that are unavailable today – bringing high quality video, scheduling and online communication tools with individual user roles and rights customizable to meet the challenges of collegiate and professional sports teams competing in the world of sports today
No desktop software required – 100% browser based360 iCoach™ – Provides You with a Competitive Advantage in Your Browser
Team participation in today’s world of sports is not only challenging and dynamic – it is global. Management and coaches are constantly trying to identify, analyze and recruit quality athletes to the organization. Once they do, they must forge them into a winning team. The pace can be fast and furious. The art of coaching – evaluating, instructing and inspiring the best in an athlete -- can be lost in the everyday hassles of coordinating calendars, assigning coaches or scouts to tasks such as scouting a potential recruit, preparing a film session, delivering DVDs, handing out schedules or calling/texting players to notify them of a change in the practice schedule. The agility, responsiveness, cooperation and collaboration of the team can be tested by delays in getting information disseminated in a timely manner – such as schedule changes, notifications or game video on their opponent or their own recent performance.

Until recently, coaches and staff have had to rely on a multitude of disparate means to coordinate, collaborate, communicate and carry out the plans. Many rely on email, texting, phone calls, giving handouts, postings messages on the team board, handing out DVD’s and setting up film study in the coach’s room. Now all of the necessary tools to manage the team’s activities are integrated into one composite solution. Now 360 i-Coach empowers coaches and staff to become effective and real time “project managers,” which is essential to becoming the quintessential coach.

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